Serge Prengel

Window of Tolerance, Polyvagal Theory & Relational Mindfulness

The model of Window of Tolerance and the Polyvagal Theory have been very useful to make sense of what we do in trauma therapy. What they have in common is the underlying assumption that life is interaction with threats and opportunities, and that much of our responses are implicit, modulated through the autonomic nervous system. This article proposes a simple integration of the two approaches. This integration helps further clarify what we do in therapy, and what we mean by mindfulness. Much of the article can be grasped through a few charts, with relatively few words of explanation.
Serge Prengel

Richard Schwartz about dealing with our inner conflicts

Serge Prengel talks with Richard Schwartz about dealing with our inner conflicts on his Active Pause® Blog & Podcast: Proactive mindfulness: Waking up to our lives, moment by moment.

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