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Social Determinants of Health

Poverty, Family Discord, Community Violence, Barrier to Care, Environmental and Developmental Stressors, Unhealthy Work Environment, Epigenetics.

Wizardry in a Group: The Wisdom of Neural Co-Regulation

As a group therapist I witness member-to-member and member-to-leader interactions promote not only group cohesion but also psychosocial/emotional growth. By explaining how authentic face-to-face social interactions strengthen the functioning of the vagus system, improves social experience and tamps down sympathetic tone, the Polyvagal theory offers a glimpse into the somatic healing power of group dynamics.

The Human Elements of Psychotherapy: A Nonmedical Model of Emotional Healing

The Human Elements of Psychotherapy is unique in its call for the rebirth of psychotherapy as a nonmedical procedure. David N. Elkins, Ph.D., experienced clinician and professor, cautions that a medical approach, which has long been accepted as the dominant paradigm in psychotherapy, is not the appropriate model when it comes to psychological healing.

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