Heather L. Corwin, PhD

Heather L. Corwin, PhD, earned her doctorate in clinical psychology with a somatic concentration, her MFA is in Theater. Heather’s work is driven by the principle that awareness fosters choices in the body and the mind, and that all people can use more support to facilitate evolving into who we want to become.

Defne Dinler

Defne Dinler is a licensed somatic counseling psychotherapist, specializing in body psychotherapy. She has degrees from Naropa University and Washington University, in St. Louis,...

Beth L. Haessig, Psy. D

Beth Haessig, Psy. D., licensed psychologist, certified somatic psychotherapist, and IAYT-certified yoga therapist, is the former President of the United States Association for Body...

Holly Holt

Holly Holt is a writer/ storyteller with a deep devotion to practices that heal the body and wake up the mind. For most of...
Rae Johnson

Rae Johnson, PhD, RSMT

Rae Johnson, PhD, RSMT is a somatic psychotherapist, social worker, and registered somatic movement therapist who currently chairs the Somatic Studies specialization in the...

Geric Lebedoff

Géric Lebedoff is a psycho therapist with a private practice in Paris ,France .He is specialized in traumatologie and anxiety disorder .
Serge Prengel

Serge Prengel, LMHC

Serge Prengel, LMHC, has been exploring creative approaches to mindfulness in therapy and in everyday life. He is in private practice in New York...
Hasan Razeq

Hasan Razeq, LMHC

Hasan Razeq LMHC is a Psychotherapist focusing on the application of Neuropsychotherapy, combining EMDR, SSP, MBSR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in the treatment of Post-Traumatic...
Elya Steinberg

Dr. Elya Steinberg, MD

Dr. Elya Steinberg, MD, is Co-Director of the Centre for Biodynamic Psychotherapy (London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy). She is a medical doctor and biodynamic...

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