USABP Lifetime Achievement Award: An Interview with Judyth O. Weaver

Can you truly present a picture of a person, on a page, when the dimensionality of the being moves beyond the here and now, expands beyond the human container of skin and bones into the expanse of all cellular energy, where dualities shape the singular organism? No, not really, but one can share snapshots of a woman who has contributed much to the field of body psychotherapy, who has had an impact on many therapists’ lives and on countless clients’ lives. From dancer to sitter, from mother to teacher, from self to other, Judyth O. Weaver brings her essence into this life in wondrous ways.

Register now for the USABP Fall Conference: The Science of Connection

The portals are ready! We can now register for the USABP Fall Conference at Pacifica Graduate Institute, at their Retreat Center. The pre-conferences on Thursday, November 1, 2018m are offered by Rae Johnson, Aline LaPierre and Lawrence Hedges. All three presenters are proven to offer excellent information and current insights in our field. The conference, entitled,The Science of Connection, is November 2-4 beginning at 8 am! 

USABP Webinar April 19

“Letting go” has long been a central concept in the psychological process of healing. It has been cast/seen as an essential step in getting unstuck and moving forward. Over the years of working with clients through Transformative Touch, the bodies of our clients have opened us to another consideration. In order to let go of something , you first need to be holding on to something. When this is the case, “letting go” makes sense and works. However, we have found with some clients , another scenario has registered in their body- that of something having a hold of it. Letting go in this instance will not work, and will actually increase frustration and self-judgement.

Save the Date

Join SPT at the USABP 2018 conference November 2-4, at Pacifica Graduate Institute. The theme this year is: The Science of Connection: Honoring Somatic Intelligence. Pre registration begins March 15, 2018. Housing is available on campus.  A great time to meet the new USABP Board of Directors and connect with colleagues from across the globe. We plan to be there with a special book auction as well! See you in November! 

The Use of Touch in Psychotherapeutic Praxis Across Traditions

Join international experts as they discuss the various principles involved in touch in psychotherapy practice. Kathy Kain and Aline LaPierre and will be our guests while USABP’s new President, Dr. Chris Walling moderates the panelists in what promises to be an in depth discussion of the various approaches and applications of touch in therapeutic praxis.

News from the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy

It is with great pleasure I wish to introduce myself to you, as the new incoming President of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). The association has continued to serve our profession for over two decades by providing a hub for all somatic psychology. As the new board transitions this year into the administration we hope to continue to champion our mission to help advance the art, science, and practice of body psychotherapy and somatic psychology.

USABP’s “Summer with the President” starts tomorrow night

The USABP is inviting members to spend time on Wednesday night June 7th with their President, Beth Haessig. She will close the last 3 months of her term by being available for this LIVE-Q & A format through the medium of a WEBINAR. Ask a Question, Have a Conversation, Share an Experience, Feel like you're part of the USABP community, through experiential exercises or real-live dialogue. Call in to interact with a real live body-centered professional, whether it's involving a personal issue or professional - we want to keep you hooked in for the summer months through our LIVE CALL-IN WEBINARS.

Free Webinar Tomorrow Night

The Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation is offering a F*R*E*E* webinar this Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 6 pm PDT/9pm EDT. Join Dr. Chris Walling, ARPF Chair of the Education Advisory Committee, and Kirti Khalsa, ARPF CEO, as they take your questions and share the vision behind the new course they are offering October 19-22, 2017---- the new Brain Longevity® Therapy Training, which will take place on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California.

International Body Psychotherapy Journal

You are invited to read your review of the USABP's 2016 conference on Sexuality, Spirituality and the Body, as published in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal

Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy

You are invited to read our review of the USABP 2016 Conference entitled: "Sexuality, spirituality and the body: the art and science of somatic psychotherapy. Report on the USABP conference, 20th–23rd July 2016" recently published in Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy.

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