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Our team is thrilled you’re interesting in advertising with SPT

Hey, look, we get it. We know marketing dollars need careful consideration.  We know you want to advertise where you get the Best Results.
We hope we can make it easy for you to make the best decision for your money.

When you purchase ad space in SPT magazine amazing things can happen:

Your ad will be delivered to the MAILBOX not INBOX of all our subscribers.
You will be listed on our Facebook page, with over 2.4K followers, as one of our supporting advertisers for that issue along with your advertisement.
You will be listed as a supporter on our website’s advertiser dedicated page with links back to your page of choice.

You will reach a larger Global presence.
The release of the magazine is posted in different association listserves and social media as well as via related businesses thus increasing “eyes on” outcomes.
We provide complimentary issues to select educational institutions.
We upload on Issuu.com as a publication with links back to the full magazine.
Plus, we make it easy to book your ad. Along with our current prices and ad specs as listed below, you can call our marketing manager Linda:
  linda @ somaticpsychotherapytoday.com
**Note due to the current limited space in our magazine, only 2 Spreads are available for the March Issue.**

Please contact us at: Advertising @ somaticpsychotherapytoday.com to find out about discounts offered for a three issue commitment.


800 x 100 (or 150) – Leaderboard Ads are displayed on ALL pages of our website located above the Navigation and below our SPT Logo.
1 month:  $ 750.00
3 month commitment: $ 1,800.00 (20% discount)
300 x 400 – Sidebar Premium Ads are Homepage, Topics, Subscribe Today pages
1 month: $ 500.00
3 month commitment: $ 1,200.00 (20% discount)
600 x 250 – Homepage Placement
1 month: $ 300.00
3 month commitment: $ 720.00 (20% discount)
338 x 385 – Homepage Placement
1 month: $ 175.00
3 month commitment: $ 420.00 (20% discount)
300 x 200 – Homepage Placement
1 month: $ 135.00

Please contact Linda@somaticpsychotherapytoday.com for more information on our online advertising.