Remembering John Chitty: April 15, 1949 – February 28, 2019

John Chitty, my teacher, mentor, supervisor, friend and fellow pilgrim-on-the-path, has transitioned to the “magical place” where his life began.He often said, “We are a unit of consciousness that comes from an invisible spiritual world to Earth for the purpose of gaining wisdom through experience.” He offered these words as a mantra, used whenever greeting a baby. And, I think, perhaps everyone he met. I imagine him back in that other realm having new experiences, gaining more wisdom.

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Send Your Worrywort on Holiday

Worry can plague you. It digs and jabs, disrupts and jumbles: your sense of serenity dislodged. According to Rick Hanson, PhD, anxiety—a form of worry—allowed our ancestors to survive. Being able to sense danger, to determine if it was safe to approach, to avoid or move on allowed our ancestors to see another day. But when we focus on the bad, the good gets left behind. Luckily our brain can be trained . . .

Curiosity is one way out of Stuckness

One of the top complaints I hear from people who come into my office is “I’m stuck.” What they are saying without realizing it is that they’re stuck in repeating scenes with repetitive themes in their lives, either with the same or different people, over and over again.

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Healing Adverse Early Experiences Moves Beyond “Keeping Score” In the Body

Early experiences that influence adult disease are not just in childhood; they begin in the womb. Our earliest pioneers of fetal origins of adult disease such as David Barker, MD, PhD and Peter Nathanielsz, PhD revealed that nutrition, geographic location, stress, and the environment all have an effect on the baby in the womb. The study of the baby’s experience of conception, pregnancy, birth and attachment also create patterns of distress that may last a lifetime. What do these patterns look and feel like? How can we help our babies and their families, and the professionals who support them?

Rewiring the Addictive Brain

In her latest publication, Rewiring the Addictive Brain, Dr. Laurel Parnell convincingly responds: combine EMDR to reprocess and clean things up and use resource tapping—a combination of positive imagery that activates positive resources internally and bilateral stimulation that serves to link this information together. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapy for handling trauma (small and big).

Culture Bound Syndromes

The son of two immigrants from the West Bank, I grew up navigating a minefield of culture bound phenomena. I was taught that a sudden gust of air from opening a window or stepping out the door was grounds for immediate illness. We took great care to avoid sitting near an open window or hurrying out the front door on a windy day, fearing that the air could cause sudden onset of flu like symptoms. Of course, any time I exposed myself to this mysterious foe I immediately came down with a case of the sniffles or a generalized muscle soreness. This belief of ailment from the wind is not one unique to Arabic culture.
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A Pioneering Music Project

We recently read a fascinating article in The National Geographic,January 1, 2019 highlighting what they called a "pioneering music project". A research team at the University Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, working with premature babies, adapted special headphones and three specific songs for the babies to hear.
Alice Ladas

Congratulations Hiroki Yamaji

SPT Magazine offers our congratulations to Hiroki Yamaji, the 2018 winner of the Alice Ladas Research Award. His study was titled: An Efficacy Study of Somatic Psychoeducation at a Japanese University. Hiroki addressed the question of whether an 8-week somatic psychoeducation course for college students could result in students developing somatic awareness and trust in the organism, and enhance integral functioning that included general mindfulness, stress resilience, interpersonal empathy, responsibility for self-care, and generic skills.

Human Baby, Human Being: Contributions from the Emerging Field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Matthew Appleton is pleased to announce an upcoming conference Bristol, UK. This keynote conference will bring together innovative pioneers who have changed our understanding of the importance of how our womb and birth experience impact us as human beings. Many of the presenters are highly respected authors, lecturers and workshop leaders in the emerging field of prenatal and perinatal psychology.


It’s Never Too Late: Healing Prebirth and Birth At Any Age...

In Spring Issue 2019 Written by Mia Kalef, DC Reviewed by Nancy Eichhorn, PhD Watching my 17-year-old nephew the other day fascinated me. He was rolled up in a fleece blanket like a ‘hot dog in a bun’. The two-toned colored blanket is well-known to my nephew and his twin sister. It’s a throw of sorts that lives on our couch in Sun Valley, Idaho, where my parents have shared time and love with their grandchildren since their birth. On this afternoon, my nephew was asking his dad to bundle him, to secure the edges of the blanket so he was tightly...

Worried? Science investigates some of life’s common concerns

Worried? seeks to relieve some of our anxiety by teaching us to take control of the situations that cause us to worry. The authors claim that taking control involves “critically evaluating potential threats, determining what poses the greatest danger, and prioritizing your actions to minimize adverse outcomes” (pg. 2) and this is exactly what they achieve in their book.

Take a Tool and Run with Dr. Heather Corwin

TTR 2:  By using your environment to make a physical connection to the sensual elements around you, you give yourself the opportunity to slow the world down.  I call this practice environmental grounding (EG).  You know the textures and touch sensations you most enjoy.  Use those feelings to remind you to be in the NOW, which will help you remain present.  Which sensation do you respond most to?  Temperature? Texture? Energy? Discover you daily EG and find more ways to engage in your life on your terms.

Dr. Heather Corwin’s Take a Tool and Run is a monthly vlog that offers quick and effective tools to share somatic centering practices.

RSS Somatic Perspectives: Conversations on Psychotherapy

  • Andy Fisher: Ecopsychology March 1, 2019
    This conversation is a wide-ranging exploration of the new field of ecopsychology. It includes discussions of how the lived body and Buddhist psychology figure in this field, as well as the radical implications of reconnecting our minds to nature. Audio only: Andy Fisher, PhD, is a major figure in ecopsychology, having tracked and reflected on […]
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  • Janina Fisher: Integrating somatic approaches to trauma with ‘parts’ language February 1, 2019
    Trauma often inculcates fears of body awareness and incapacitating shame that complicate the use of somatic approaches. As Janina Fisher explored how to help such clients with befriending their emotional and body responses to trauma, she began to develop a way of helping them to understand themselves as fragmented and to become more aware of […]
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Relational Mindfulness with Serge Prengel

Serge Prengel

Revisiting last month’s article about the Window of Tolerance, Polyvagal Theory...

Last month, I published an article with a very similar title to this one. It was exploring mindfulness within the context of the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS). The gist of it was captured in a few charts about the Window of Tolerance and the Polyvagal Theory. I realized that my point could be better expressed through a different set of visuals. The following is are-write of this article, including new visuals.


Dr. Jacqueline Carleton

Jacquie’s Pick of the Month

Dr. Jacqueline Carleton has guided interns in the art of literature review and academic critique for decades, and SPT Magazine has thankfully shared their reviews with our readers since our inception 8 years ago. It’s a pleasure to write with up-and-coming psychologists and researchers, to share in their discoveries and their opinions regarding books that are ‘hot-off-the-press’, the ones we prefer to publish. Older books, however, those published two years ago or more, have not been shared with the thought that they’ve been reviewed by many others that it was redundant news. Until now.

The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Recovering from Trauma and PTSD

The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Recovering from Trauma and PTSD teaches readers how to overcome “flashbacks, shame, guilt and fear” using compassion-focused therapy. Deborah A. Lee and Sophie James provide readers with insight into the mechanisms of post-traumatic stress and a practical self-guided approach to overcome it.


It’s Never Too Late: Healing Prebirth and Birth at Any Age – A Reflection...

IN SPRING 2019 ISSUE - Early in the writing of the first draft of It’s Never Too Late: Healing Prebirth and Birth At Any Age, I discovered there were steps, especially in the embryo’s story, that even after studying, I had difficulty envisioning. At the time I wondered, could I leave these hard to reach, yet essential steps out of my written examination? Would anyone besides experienced embryologists and biodynamic craniosacral therapy teachers notice? It didn’t take long to come clean with myself, that if I skipped intricate steps in my understanding, I would only further reinforce what was at the root of my amnesia, and that in order to be whole myself, I had to find out what was going on.

In Memory Of

John Chitty 1949-2019

John was a celebrated teacher of polarity therapy and Biodynamic craniosacral therapy. His blend of therapy combined ancient wisdom with current health practices. He and his wife, Anna Chitty, started teaching polarity therapy in 1979 and opened the Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder, CO. in 1992. At the end of his life, John created Polarity Counseling.

Christa D. Ventling 1930-2019

With regret we share the recent news of Christa D. Ventling’s passing. According to Courtenay Young, she was a female pioneer in European Bioenergetic Analysis and in qualitative research in body psychotherapy.