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Meeting the Needs of Parents Pregnant and Parenting After Perinatal Loss offers a supportive framework that integrates continuing bonds and attachment theories to support prenatal parenting at each stage of pregnancy. Giving insight into how a parent’s world view of a pregnancy may have changed following a loss, readers are provided with tools to assist parents as they explore pregnancy (conception, gestation, labor and birth) once again.

Volume 7- Number 1, Winter 2017 FEATURED ARTICLE HOME PAGE

Our Winter 2017 issue will be online one week from today. We’re pleased to share articles and reviews, author reflections and ways to make professional connections. John Chamberlain writes about GenPax and why birth matters. Kate White discusses early trauma and ways to heal its impact while she and Ray Castellino share Womb Surround as another healing process. Erik Jarlnaes offers an intimate look into his rebirthing process and Sharon King discusses the need for a new birthing paradigm. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for daily excerpts of what’s to come.

Birth Psychology

APPPAH is offering free articles on their website relating to life before birth, prenatal music and sound, the birth experience, birth and violence, prenatal parenting and primal health and womb ecology. They offer a treasure trove of pertinent essays from leaders in the prenatal and perinatal psychology and health field.